We requested Chara-Rimpa in Japan to create a unique logo which represents the cultural concept of YUZU from the children's pure point of view. It was so fun and successful. For more information of Chara Rimpa Project, please see


Today’s subject is “YUZU”. There is a request from a friend who is opening a restaurant in Harlem, New York. 
The client, Youngju, lives in New York, so the project is presided by the head priest. He explains what Yuzu looks like and what it tastes like.


The head priest is explaining where YUZU restaurant is. Here is Saiki, and New York is on the other side of the globe. 


Saiki is famous for great sushi restaurants, but YUZU will open in New York. 


The owner, Youngju, sent us a video letter to request a logo and characters. 

Let’s smell Yuzu. 
Umm… smells nice! 
Sour flavor! 
Smells like bathing...

Why don’t we drink Yuzu tea? 

It’s warm. 
Can I have some more please? 

Now, let’s begin to make logos/characters.
Let me show you how to do it. 

We are making a shape with colorful papers and masking tape.  

Once we finish the shapes, we are adding colors with crayons. 

Oh, what character (logo) of YUZU will come out?