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Sake Sampler
Choice of three sakes from Takaisami, Dassai, Shintaro, Taru Sake,  and Gansanryu. 

鷹勇  Takaisami from Tottori      特別純米   
Outstanding sake produced using traditional method and water from Daisen stream. Refreshing & aromatic. 

梵   ゴールド  Born Gold     純米大吟醸   
Finishes soft and easy with a medium sweetness of this sake pairs well with everything. Best enjoyed when well chilled.  

獺祭    Dassai from Yamaguchi, Junmai Daiginjo      純米大吟醸
Well balanced fruity scent spreads all corners of your mouth.     

雅山流   Gasanryu from Yamagata     純米大吟醸
Fragrant, plump and fresh taste. Excellently compatible with white fish. Less dry, mild & smooth.

加儀屋   Kagiya from Ehime     純米
Mildly fruit-forward on the nose, moderately rice-forward on the palette, finishes dry.

寒山水   Kansansui from Fukuoka     純米大吟醸
Made from 60% Yamada Nishiki and 40% Yumeikkon sake rice and water of the Yabe River. Produced via the Shizukushibori method, using only gravity and no applied pressure to procure sake from the mash.

慎太郎   Shintaro from Kochi     純米辛口
Named after notable historical figure, Shintaro Nakaoka. Its flavor is light with a hint of acidity that is amplified when warmed.  

白川郷   Shirakawago from Gifu      濁り酒
A moderately cloudy sake blended with Moromi (sake-mash). Its mellow flavor and wealthy aroma is best enjoyed chilled or on the rocks.     

あいのひめ   Ainohime from Fukuoka
This bottle-fermented red SPARKLING SAKE has a fruity aroma and is perfect as an aperitif. Awarded Silver in the wine and spirits Wholesalers of America 68th Annual Convention & Exposition Wine Tasting Competition. 

Hot Sake  熱燗             Small (4 oz)    /  Large (8 oz) 

Plum Wine   梅酒         



Glass  6 oz    /    Carafe  14 oz  /    Bottle  25 oz


Chardonnay, Hess (2015)              Monterey County, USA                      With signature lemon-lime and a touch of apple flavors of Monterey, tantalizing tropical notes and crisp acidity with just a bit of oak make this Chardonnay in balance. 

Chablis  (2014)             Chateau Bonnes Guerre, Bourgogne, France
As transcendentally fine as Chardonnay gets, this Charblis characters of brightness & freshness albeit slightly riper and rounder. 

Cantina d'Isera, Pinot Grigio (2014)         Italy        The scent is fruity and pleasantly composite; the dry taste, full and harmonious. Pleasantly like an aperitif, it ideally blends with fish & poultry dishes.  

Sauvignon Blanc, Hess (2016)        Monterey County, USA           Loaded with aromatics and grapefruit and lemon grass with a hint of lime zest in the background. Refreshing acidity and citrus notes lead into a racy mouth that boasts notes of fresh fig and jasmine. 

Sancerre, Joseph Mellot (2014)         Loire Valley, France         A harmonious approach on the palate, supple and delicate with a pleasant freshness. A lingering aromatic finale of this wine backed up by a long mineral finish due to the flinty terroir of central Loire Valley. 


Mercurey (2012)              Burgundy, France  

Barbaresco (2009)                Piedmont, Italy


Prosecco (NV)             Treviso, Italy      


Grain de Glace (2015)           Le Rosé de l’Hiver St. Tropez, France
Aromas of juicy raspberry, red cherry and orange gelato that are embraced by a chalky mineral quality. The palate is full-bodied, marked by cherry and citrus, elegant and vivacious. Ideal a an aperitif, and to accompany fish and grilled meats. Cinsault, Syrah, and Grenache blend. 


San Pellegrino    Sparkling Water (500ml)     

Chilled Beer

Sapporo Draft    
Echigo Stout    
Kagua Rogue  / Kagua Blanc